Frequently asked questions

What is Druve all about?

Druve is an Adtech platform that helps businesses “crowdvertize” their products and services through the WhatsApp status of Druvers.

Who is a Druver?

A Druver is anyone who signs up and is ready to earn by promoting Ads through the Druve app.

Who can use Druve?

Any business looking to promote their products or services to an audience can use Druve.

What will it cost to promote my business on Druve?

You can promote your product or service with at least NGN 400 ($1.1), payable through the Druve app. With a bigger budget, you can run your ads for more days and reach more people.

Is the Druve app available on Google play store?

Yes it is. You can download it through this link

Can I use the Druve app on my ios enabled device?

No. At the moment, the Druve app only works on android enabled devices.

Why should I promote my business on Druve?

You should really promote your business on Druve because Druve has proven to be more than 300% more effective than regular promotional strategies. Also Whatsapp has over 1.6 billion active users. This exponential reach coupled with word of mouth marketing is game changer

How can I earn on Druve?

You can earn on Druve by installing the Druve app here and signing up, you will be notified as soon as a new ad is available in your registered location.

How much can I earn per ad?

It all depends on how many views you can get from your status. You can earn between NGN100($0.26) and NGN3,000($7.8) per status.

What if the same ad is available for more than one day?

You will earn for as many days as the same ad is available and you post it to your WhatsApp status.

How often can I earn on Druve?

You can earn whenever there is an available ad for your registered location.

How many ads can I promote within 24 hours?

8, this means you can earn up to 800 naira within a day.

Can I transfer my earnings from my Druve wallet to my bank account?

Yes you can. You can withdraw minimum of NGN400 from your Druve wallet to any bank account of your choice.

How many views do I need to get on my status before I can earn on Druve?

You need to get at least 42 views to earn on Druve. Here are our earning categories: Basic 42-500 views (N100 per status) 501- 1k views (N300 per status) Druve premium 1001-5k views (N1,000 per status) 5001-10k views (N2,000 per status) 10001-15k views (N3,000 per status)

What does it mean when I see “no ads available for your location yet” when I open the Druve app?

This means that we are working on uploading new ads for your location. You can only see ads targeted at Druvers in your location.

Can I promote my business and also earn on Druve?

Yes you can. You can use the “Create Ads” option on the app to promote your Ads.

Who is a premium Druver?

Anyone who has above 1000 WhatsApp status views.

How do I become a premium Druver?

Simple. go to your profile page on the Druve app and click the upgrade button.