Earn income by sharing content to  your WhatsApp Status

Our Story

We created Druve as a way to help people and promoters grow their business and income simultaneously. We started as a team of 4 in Abuja Nigeria and today we are creating value without boundaries

Our Mission

To create growth for all.


A combination of AI and unique algorithms that ensure privacy, efficiency and transparency.

How it works

1. Create your content

Send us your content, link, target preference and budget Or create it on the Druve app yourself


3. Druvers Post to Earn

We Distribute it to our Druvers who fit your target preference. They in turn post your Ad on their WhatsApp status and earn for their service.


2. Verification and Customization

We verify your Ad and customize it to fit the platform

4. Reach Your Audience

Your Ad reaches your Audience in an organic way that guarantees better conversions

Here is a detailed report on how our conversion rates compare to others
on Druve

Starting now, you can begin to earn passive income with your WhatsApp enabled phone.


42-500 views (N100 per status)

501- 1k views (N300 per status) 


Druve premium

1001-5k views (N1,000 per status)

5001-10k views (N2,000 per status) 

10001-15k views (N3,000 per status)

Contact Us

Tel: +234 803 518 8517


+234 803 518 8517

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